Tip of the Month – May 2019

“Misdiagnosis of the year award!”

Each year we see a few common mistakes repair facilities make in transmission repair. This year one in particular stands out over the others.

The problem is with the Chrysler/Mercedes 722.6 transmission. Here is the scenario. The customer comes in complaining of a transmission leak. You raise the car and look, and it appears it is just a pan leaking. But look close! The problem is the harness plug on the passenger side front of the transmission.

The part Resembles a trailer wiring plug. Replace it with Chrysler part #68021352AA/ Mercedes#A2035400253. Be careful not to over-tighten the 7mm bolt in the harness installation. The harness plug is plastic and will crack. We use a little silicone around the 2 o-rings on the outside of plug going into the transmission case. We also put a little silicone on the o-ring on the male end of the plug that goes into your replaced harness. Since there is no way to know 100% if the pan is leaking, you can either recommend a transmission service at the same time, involving replacing the pan gasket, or tell the customer to return for a check-up in a few days to be sure the leak is gone.






If you have any questions, call your local LEONS TRANSMISSION SERVICES representative.

The Funny Side

  • What happens if you get scared half-to-death twice?
  • What if birds were tickled by feathers?
  • What’s the speed of dark?
  • If Barbie is so popular, why does she have to buy her friends?