Jules C.

You went way and beyond your customer service duties and helped me tremendously more than u know. So I highly recommend this place and my hats off to you and your business

– Jules C.

Susan M.

We are new fans! My husband’s car had some transmission sounds and when we took it to the Lexus dealer it was $8600 and needed to be replaced. Leon’s said the sound was something to be worked with and that the transmission still had a lot of miles left it. It was a $200 fix. These guys are super ethical and I can’t say enough good stuff about them. Thank you so much there is a business out there that is honorable in this arena.

– Susan M.

Shay W.

Super honest! Top Notch customer service! And fantastic work don’t go anywhere else! These guys really know their stuff!

– Shay W.

Penny G.

Great customer service! I had my car towed in after it broke down at the intersection of PCH and Balboa. I thought it was the transmission because I heard a clunk and afterwards the car wouldn’t move forward or backwards. They immediately put it on the rack and discover it was the axle which was under warranty at another garage. After calling for a tow for the second time I asked if there was a diagnostic charge and was told no. A great surprise. I’ll be back when I really am in need of transmission service.


– Penny G.

Rob, Vickie, Britany, (Marine) Brandon & James Wiederrich

Thanks for doing such a good job.

We would like to thank your entire crew for their wonderful work during such a stressful time for us. Chad, Omar, Eric & the front office staff all who were a part of getting us back on the road again we thank you very much.

– Rob, Vickie, Britany, (Marine) Brandon & James Wiederrich

Marti Kresse

This is to commend your wonderful service to me when my car was brought to you from Mountain View Tire & Service earlier this month. I was from out of the area when the car broke down and had to do business over the phone to get it fixed. You were very cordial and patient in explaining to me that the problem just seemed to be the shifter. Since the transmission and clutch were still under warranty, you did all this free of charge which I really appreciate!

– Marti Kresse


THANKS, THANKS, THANKS….. Just can’t thank you enough!

– Jules


My son Jonah recently returned from his first deployment and shared stories about the positive impact of our care packages on the morale of his men, which made me think of Leon’s Transmission’s support over the years. Not just as the founder of Operation Gratitude but also as a Marine mom, I am forever grateful to you for Leon’s Transmission’s generosity over the years that have enabled us to send 800,000+ of these care packages. My deepest personal thanks for your kindness.

– Carolyn

Rhonda D.

I brought my Rav4 to you to check my transmission. You gave me the Technical Bulletin #1026 stating that my power-train control module was under warranty for 8 years or 80,000 miles. I called Toyota Consumer Affairs. After long patient discussions, they replaced the computer.

I’m writing to thank you. I’m living on a disability fixed income. It was very considerate of you to give me the information. I really appreciate your kindness.

– Rhonda D.

X Lucia

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU FOR TAKING GOOD CARE OF MY OLD Jeep + delivering it back to Jacks. She’s running great so far!! Thank you.

And thanks for your great and friendly communication

– X Lucia