So many codes…so little time!

1993-2005 Ford Taurus models with the AX4S & AX4N Transmissions, check engine lights are pretty common in these vehicles, but when you see these codes don’t freak out!

P0743 TCC System Electrical Fault
P0750 Shift Solenoid “A” Fault
P0755 Shift Solenoid “B” Fault
P0760 Shift Solenoid “C” Fault
P1760 Pressure Control Solenoid “A” Short
P1760 Pressure Control Solenoid “A” Short
P1000 OBDII Systems Check Incomplete
P1451 EVAP System Vent Control Valve Fault
P0135 HO2S11 Heater Circuit Fault
P0141 HO2S12 Heater Circuit Fault
P0155 HO2S21 Heater Circuit Fault
P0161 HO2S22 Heater Circuit Fault

In the central junction fuse box fuse #37 (Transmission Position Switch) will be blown. 15AMP fuse.

The reason for these codes and the blown fuse are: The main connector to the transmission is either loose or is leaking transmission fluid through the connector causing the short and blown fuse. Make sure to check the main connector (grey). 1st take it off and see the connector is not leaking transmission fluid through the pins, and then check for tight ness and proper connectivity. If the connector is leaking through the pins, clean the connector and the male side with the pins with electrical cleaner.

Next, dry both sides, then use dielectric grease on the connector side and reconnect the main transmission connector. Don’t forget to replace the fuse in #37 15AMP fuse. The road test time to confirm that this is the main problem should be 5-10 miles. Remember that all these sensors run off the same 12 volt system and that’s why these codes are present. In some instances this could require replacing just the connector, and in other cases, the transmission could use an overhaul.
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