Car Culture-Lets Go RVing!!

Let’s Go RVing!
I guess the first true RV’ers were the pioneers who set out across the country to find new lands. They packed all the luxuries they could and set off to their destination of choice!

The recreational vehicle was not really defined however, until the time when the first automobiles were created.

1910 was the year that recreational vehicles were first manufactured and sold in the United States. ‘Pierce-Arrows’ was the first to produce a primitive version of the Type B camper van that exists today. It was named the “Touring Landau”, and it even contained a toilet. Auto Kamp Trailers and the Los Angeles Trailer Works had their own lines of traveling homes. Some of these RVs were featured in issues of Popular Mechanics as early as 1911.

The recreational vehicle industry recently celebrated its 107th birthday! The mobile campers of today have full baths, kitchens, generated power, plasma TVs, hot tubs, laundry facilities, powerful engines, and sophisticated electronic overdrive transmissions.

The Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard has this wonderful 1924 Chevrolet House Car on permanent display. All original, this early RV features a 4-cylinder overhead engine, a 3 speed manual transmission, bed and closet, sink, and kerosene lamps. It has wood sides and a metal roof!






The possibilities are endless in where the next generation of recreational vehicles will go. One thing is for sure, people will never grow tired of traveling and enjoying all the luxuries of home that they can bring along!