Car Culture-Lease or Buy Pt. 1

Educating Your Customers on ‘Lease or Buy’ Decision
Perhaps you have noticed a drop in your business this last year; a year when the stock market has enjoyed a profit and home values are up. Why then, does the auto repair business continue to struggle? There are many theories as to why this is occurring, but one certain cause is the leased automobile.

There are many perks to an auto lease, and with good credit someone can sign a lease with zero down. Lease payments are generally less than the payment to own the vehicle, and a lease often allows the consumer to ride off in a car they could not normally afford to buy. Thus, leasing a vehicle is appealing to the consumer.

Did you know that close to 75% of luxury cars are leased? And with the free maintenance packages being offered, this is why your car-count is down. Although repairs on leases are the consumer’s responsibility, any major problems would be covered by the factory warranty.

Like all things in life, however, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is! It’s up to you to educate your customers when it comes to ‘lease or buy’. On the back page of this “Tip of the Month” are some “cons”’ customers often face in a lease. Perhaps this can enlighten your customer as to why owning is a better value.


(Stay tuned for Part 2!)



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