About Us

It started over 50 years ago…

Leon Reed opened the doors to his first small shop in Reseda, CA in 1960, where he specialized in automatic transmission repair. Within a short time, Leon and his staff built a reputation for providing quality transmission services, fair prices and a passion for customer service. Leon’s partner, Henry Springer, grew the business to seven locations, with the help of several key employees.

Fans of Leon’s Transmission nicknamed the shop “The Old Reliable” — an ode to the exceptional service and longstanding trust that Leon had built within his community. It wasn’t long until the once small business expanded to a multi-regional chain with seven busy locations throughout Southern California.

Today, Leon Reed is considered a pioneer in the automotive and transmission repair industry and his name serves as a symbol of first-rate customer and transmission service excellence. After Leon’s passing in 2010 and Henry’s retirement in late 2013, John Armstrong vowed to carry out this legacy.

Meet our friendly shop managers!

Our management team represents over 130 years of service with Leon’s Transmission

Transmission Repair | Mark LlewellynMark Llewellyn

Transmission Repair | Steve LemusSteve Lemus
Thousand Oaks

Transmission Repair Zach Umann

Transmission Repair | Steve CasselSteve Cassel

Transmission Repair | RJ-SarverRJ Sarver
Garden Grove

Jim ArmstrongJim Armstrong
La Mirada

Transmission Repair | Brent SephelBrent Sephel
Costa Mesa

Gerard-Armstrong Gerard Armstrong